Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Week In Review – April 10, 2010


Lots and lots of changes going on around here!!  And, of course, they affect the schooling routine!  Grandma (Mr. Math Tutor’s mom) is visiting this week and next and has decided to rent the house next door, although she won’t live there full-time.  We are excited about the fact that she will become even more a part of our lives than she is right now.

The other big change is that Grandma and Wild Man will be taking a trip this summer from Tampa, FL across the southern United States to Monterey, CA and then across the middle of the US and back here to the Great White North (which won’t be white when they arrive back in the middle of August, but you get my point).  Wild Man and I will be leaving in the middle of May, so he’ll be finishing his schoolwork two weeks early.  I’ve already stopped his History and Geography work because he’ll learn more of that this summer than he’s already learned this whole school year.  The other reason is that I want to spend our time focusing on reading, spelling, writing, and math.  I do have him watching some History DVDs, particularly ones that are about places that he’s going to visit this summer.

Rosie Girl will finish her Biology book this upcoming week, so we will do a month of dissection work.  I’m all excited, but she seems less thrilled – something about “Oh, gross!”  The rest of her work is coming along quite well.  She has piano Festival next Saturday which will be a big day for her.  She’s been practicing theory tests all semester along with practicing her pieces.  Unfortunately, she’s developed a mild tendinitis in her right hand.  She’s been taking care of it, so I hope it doesn’t bother her next weekend.

I hope that we can start working on gardening next week.  Wild Man can help me get some things started, but Rosie Girl will be the one to help me through the summer. 

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Cheryl said...

My MIL lives 10 minutes from us, it's nice to have her close. Wow! Lots of big adventures coming up. Enjoy them all :)