Friday, April 02, 2010

Get Me Out Of Here – 2 (From Xena, the Warrior Cat)

Yes, it is I, Xena, the Warrior Cat, who has once again “borrowed” the IMG_0686humans’ computer for a few precious moments.  I continue to plan my escape from this house.  As we enter into Spring, my need for fresh air and outdoors increases.  Yet, here I am, stuck inside with the humans.


Sassy remains as silly as ever.  She adores the adult male and whines and meows and jumps on top of IMG_0960him.  Depending on his mood, he will either throw her on the floor, or pick her up and pet her.  Silver is more restrained, but remains devoted to the adult female and has no desire to escape – something about being too “old”.  I’m seven years old and will never be too OLD to want the outdoors. 


Sassy occasionally makes a break for the outside, but she is so silly that she either stops dead on the driveway so the humans can pick her up immediately, or she runs under the bushes.  When she runs under the bushes, they spray water at her until she runs out and then they catch her.  No, an escape plan must be more subtle.  So, I rarely try to run out through an open door.


The adolescent female takes me out on a leash at times.  It is nice, but not enough.  And, now, she has been gone for almost a week.  She is the only human I can tolerate around here.  I’ve had to be nice to the adolescent male!!  And this morning, I allowed the adult female to stroke my head and neck.  Yes, I was desperate.  I need the adolescent female here if I am to survive my imprisonment.  She is the only one who understands and, I believe, loves me!

Oh, no, here come the humans.  I will send more messages as I can.  Stay free!!

Xena, Warrior Cat

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