Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Good Day!

It was a good day today!! Here's why!

1. Gorgeous weather! Sunny with temps in the 70s.
2. No migraine and chronic headache only about a 2/10
3. Lots of good work and good company at the Senior Nutrition Center.
4. Got the audiobook version of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and started listening with Wild Man.
5. Worked on Wild Man's socks.
6. Cleaned some windows.
7. Cleaned some wood trim with Murphy's Oil Soap.
8. Worked on laundry.
9. Straightened the living room then swept the living room and dining room.
10. Took a walk in the lovely weather.
11. Read a book for a few minutes.
12. Spent the day with Wild Man.
13. Listened to Wild Man and Mr. Math Tutor tell me about their fun flying their new radio controlled airplane/glider.
14. Watching Mythbusters.
15. Missing Rosie Girl.
16. Chased Sassy after she escaped - oh, wait, that wasn't one of the good parts of the day.

So, if all goes well and I don't have a big headache tomorrow, my goal is to clean the bathroom!!

How was your day? What does it take to have a good day?

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pwm said...

A good day indeed!