Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lagniappe – The Back Home Edition – May 30, 2009

1. I wore make-up twice this week!  OK, it was for two funerals, but it was still twice in a week!

2. I’ve definitely acclimated to the Great White North.  The heat and humidity of the Deep South did not agree with me this week.

3. To add to the regular heat of the South, the air-conditioning in my parent’s trailer decided to quit working.  During the day, the temperature in the trailer would approach 90 degrees.  I had a migraine Wednesday afternoon and evening and napped in the trailer in that heat.  Ick.  Thankfully, a repairperson came out on Thursday morning and recharged the AC so it was cool for our last day.

4. Of my mother’s eleven sibling who lived to adulthood, only four of them were never divorced.

5. I stand by my assertion that you can tell when you have left the South by the cleanliness of the public restrooms.

6. One of the most useful things that my Aunt S (Uncle B’s widow) received this week was a big bag of Ziploc and/or Rubbermaid containers to hold leftovers.  Friends and church members had brought by so much food that we were storing it in ice chests as well as the fridge.  The extra containers to store leftovers were much appreciated.

7. I had over 1000 items in Google Reader when I got home (since I only checked the computer once while we were gone).  It took me several hours this evening to delete most and star the ones that I want to read.

8. My kids had the first two shows of the dance recital today and tonight.  They’ll be home in the next hour or so.  They have another show tomorrow which Mr. Math Tutor and I will be able to attend – Yippee!

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