Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Week In Review – May 17, 2009


Things were going pretty smoothly around here until Friday.  It was a good week, but the weekend has been pretty rough.

The kids have done a pretty good job with schoolwork this week, although I am noticing some end of school year laziness starting to set in.  Chores and school assignments are less likely to get done than usual if I don’t keep on top of things.

Wild Man has been using for spelling review.  He has been enjoying it and I think it is helping.  We are listening to Story of the World for our history lessons right now.  I have Rosie Girl just doing lots of reading in Bible and History.  The only writing that she is doing is her research paper.

Rosie Girl had track meets on Monday and Thursday of this week, but the last meet of the season is this upcoming Tuesday.  It really is a very short season.  I have been quite impressed, though, at how many friends Rosie Girl has made this season.  A number of kids went out of their way on Thursday afternoon to compliment her relay performance when I was there.  I’m quite pleased with how this has worked out for her.

Rosie Girl was supposed to have a job interview this week, but the manager called back to tell us that Rosie Girl isn’t old enough for the job.  The manager was rather embarrassed, but she hadn’t noticed Rosie Girl’s age on the application.  The job is in the grocery store deli and it is required that the applicant be 18 years old.  Bummer.  The manager put the application back with the applications for the rest of the positions, so she could get called if another position opens up.

I had one of the worst headaches I’ve had in a very long time on Friday afternoon.  Thankfully, it got bad before evening so that I was able to get in to the clinic for treatment instead of having to go to the Emergency Department.  It’s much cheaper and takes less time to get injections at the clinic rather than getting iv’s at the ED.  It was quite the awful migraine, though, accompanied by a lot of vomiting.  I slept for several hours after we got home then got up at 3am and had “dinner”.  Kind of strange, but it worked.

My parents had traveled from Florida to Texas to see my Aunt J who has terminal cancer.  They had stopped in Mississippi to pick up my Uncle B and Aunt S on the way.  On Friday afternoon, in Texas, my Uncle B had chest pain and was taken to the hospital.  Saturday morning, we found out that he had had a heart attack and needs to have bypass surgery.  So, he’s in the hospital in a different state from where he lives and will have surgery on Tuesday.  Please pray for the family.  Everyone is pretty stressed about the entire situation.

We topped off our week by going to dance practice today.  Rosie Girl wants me to do the Mom-Daughter dance with her (new this year) and Mr. Math Tutor to do the Daddy-Daughter dance with her as well.  There were practices for both dances at the studio this afternoon.  I was already sore from throwing up my guts on Friday.  Now I’m really sore.  But, we’re dancing to ABBA music from Mamma Mia.  How fun is that?!  While we were there, Wild Man was with the AWANA group on a trip to some really cool caves.  I think we’re going to do some serious relaxing tomorrow.

So that’s our crazy week!  Check our Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see how others did this week.


Dusti said...

Sounds like a good week.
We listened to Story of the World this year too. I think the kids learned alot from it.
Thanks for sharing your week. :)

Erica said...

The dances sound like a lot of fun :) Love ABBA!!