Friday, May 08, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday – May 8, 2009


1. I am seriously sore from all the yardwork this week, but I’m incredibly happy that I’ve had only one migraine until today.  Overall, it’s been a good week with a large amount of exercise.

2. I’ve been praying a lot more, particularly at night after the kids go to bed when Mr. Math Tutor is doing online tutoring and when I have a migraine.  The more I pray, though, the more questions I have.  I’m not really a Calvinist but I know that God is omniscient, so how much effect do my prayers have?  Lewis says that prayer changes me, not God.  Yet, Jesus tells us in the Gospels that the Father does listen to and respond to our prayers.  Deep sigh.  The more I learn about the Christian faith, the more mysteries I find (and I’ve been a Christian all of my adult life).

3. Speaking of Christian faith, I’m finding more mysteries with the Old and New Testament views of God.  I’ve always known that God deals with humans differently in the Old Testament versus the New Testament, but it is weighing on my mind more heavily these days.  I mean, the book of Judges is filled with genocide that is commanded by God.  Yet, Christians today very rightly condemn such actions.  How do we reconcile this?  BTW, that’s a rhetorical question right now.  I’ll be looking this up in some commentaries later on.

4. My daughter applied for jobs at the local dairy and the grocery store today.  EEK!  Can she really be old enough for this?  She wants a job so she can buy herself a “real” keyboard and save up for a car.  She also wants to save up for college.  I think we’ve instilled in her the need to save up money.

5. We only had two casualties from gardening this week – I burned my thumb on the drill (those bits get really hot) and scratched my arm on chicken wire.  Rosie Girl and I had some serious fun with power tools getting the buckets ready to grow tomatoes and cucumbers upside down.

6. The kids have been playing lots of video games this week since it’s been vacation.  I hope they don’t have too much withdrawal next week!

7. I never made it to the grocery store this week, so we’ve only bought milk and bread (thanks to Mr. Math Tutor) and have otherwise been eating out of the pantry and freezer.  We haven’t felt deprived at all.  However, I’m getting a migraine tonight, so Mr. Math Tutor and the kids are having to deal with dinner tonight.  It might be a frozen pizza night!

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Sheri said...

We've been having a frozen pizza kind of week here too, something going on every night and no time for shopping or cooking. I hope you feel better, I get migraines too and know how bad it can be.

Glad I found your blog on 7 Quick Takes Friday!