Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lagniappe – May 2, 2009

1. I woke up today too late to get to church which bums me out, but my head doesn’t hurt too badly which makes me really happy.  I’ve had a rough headache week, including a migraine on Wild Man’s birthday.  Ick.

2. I’ve got our garden all planned out, including diagrams and timelines.  OK, it’s probably overkill.  Boy have I learned a lot about plants in the last few days.  I’m trying to get everything all planned in detail so that the family can get things done even if I’m out of commission with a migraine.  Yeah, it’s a little pessimistic of me, but sometimes it’s just reality.

3. Wild Man got Mario Kart for Wii for his birthday so the whole family has been playing.  I’m notoriously bad at video games, but I got first place on my first race on Mario Kart!!!  I do much better with a Wii Wheel than a video game controller.

4. We got a notice yesterday that the health insurance for Mr. Math Tutor and the kids is going up by $60 per month, or $720/year.  EEK!  We were really fortunate to get their insurance three years ago for just $150 per month.  It’s gone up a couple bucks here and there, but as of next month it’s going to be $227/month.  I just Anthem wants to make all their profits before the US health system goes socialized.  Sigh.  I’ll be researching insurance for those three this week.  I won’t let them go without insurance, but we may scale back to just catastrophic.  We pay for dental care out of pocket so I guess we can do that for routine health care.  As long as we have insurance for potential catastrophes, we’ll be OK.

5. After the two day birthday celebration, my house was a wreck.  I got up expecting to have to spend a little while cleaning the kitchen.  Guess what??!!  Mr. Math Tutor had already cleaned most of the kitchen before he went to church at some crazy hour of the morning!

6. Our neighbors had a big party last night, complete with loud music.  It’s spring, so we had our bedroom window open.  I’m glad I wear earplugs to sleep.

7. The gluten-free diet has some real disadvantages.  For one thing, it’s kind of hard for me to get lots of fiber since I used to depend on whole wheat as my major fiber source.  I’ve started adding FiberOne to my grits in the morning.  But, I did try some gluten-free French bread and, while it doesn’t really taste like French bread, it doesn’t really taste like cardboard either.  It will work pretty well to let me have sandwiches for when we go on our field trip this week.  I also made a gluten-free chocolate cake which was actually rather passable, if a bit gritty (from the rice flour).

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m going to go whup my daughter’s you-know-what in Mario Kart.

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