Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goin' Home

So, we're on our way back home. It's been quite the week. Last Saturday, my Uncle B died so Mr. Math Tutor and I came down here into the Deep South for his funeral. We got here Monday night (Memorial Day) and went to Aunt J's funeral Saturday morning (Aunt J was Uncle B's and my mom's sister who died earlier last week). Tuesday night was visitation for Uncle B and then Wednesday was Uncle B's funeral.

I had a migraine Sunday morning before we left home. We had wanted to leave at about 8 am, but I woke up at 6 with the migraine. I took my meds and went back to bed. We were able to leave about noon. The rest of the trip was uneventful.

Aunt J's funeral on Tuesday morning was small and quiet. She was 85 years old when she died. I didn't know her very well.

The visitation for Uncle B on Tuesday evening went for four hours. It was held at the big Baptist church in town where he was a very active member. Several hundred people had to have come through that evening to express their sympathy to the family. I got to meet family members whom I hadn't seen since childhood.

Wednesday morning was Uncle B's funeral at the big Baptist church. It was a lovely service. One of the most moving parts of the service was when they opened it up for people to share special memories of my Uncle B. It was amazing how many people had been touched by his life, through hunting, working on mission projects, working around church, or just growing up in the church and knowing him. His life truly made a difference for Jesus.

The church made sure that the family will not need to cook again for a good week or two. They brought tons of food to the house as well as having a luncheon after the funeral in the church fellowship hall.

Today (Thursday), my mom and I went out to the cemetary and took pictures of Uncle B's and Aunt J's gravesites as well as going around to all the other family gravesites. Afterward, I picked my mom's brain about family history and genealogy. My mom is the youngest of 12 siblings and I don't know nearly all my cousins. Mom was able to fill in lots of the blanks in my information, but there are still a few things I'm not sure of that I'll have to ask other aunts.

I'm definitely ready to go home and see my kiddoes. I really miss them. I like having time with just my hubby and I'm thrilled that the kids are having special time with Grandma, but I'll be very happy to be back in my own home with my Rosie Girl and Wild Man in just a couple of days.

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