Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom Perks!

On Mother’s Day, I thought it would be fun to list the things I love about being a mom.

1. Cuddling – Wild Man is a real cuddler – he loves to snuggle up first thing in the morning on the sofa. Rosie Girl likes to cuddle up later in the evening. They’re both far to big to hold on my lap anymore, but they’re never to big to cuddle up close for me to stroke their hair and whisper how much I love them.

2. Watching them perform – Both my kids are performers. Last night was Rosie Girl’s piano recital, and she played her Schumann piece with feeling and only one (barely noticeable) mistake. I was so proud. I get to watch them both perform in their dance recital in a few weeks.

3. Cleaning up everyone else’s mess – Oh yeah. One of my favorite things in life is cleaning up behind kids! Isn’t it yours?!

4. Using “Mom” sayings – I love getting to say things like “Don’t make me have to tell you again” or “Did you do your chores?” or “Don’t cross your eyes or they’ll stick like that” or “I brought you into this world and I can take you out!”.

5. Kid activities – Here in the Upper Midwest, we have widely varying weather, even in the summer. At Rosie Girl’s last track meet, it was chilly and I was glad to have on a sweatshirt. Wild Man will be playing baseball in the summer, and I’m sure we’ll have some days when the heat rivals that of the Equator. But, I hang out there and cheer on the kids because I love them.

6. Telling stories – Mr. Math Tutor and I tell our kids about our childhoods. They have a hard time believing that we actually did not have microwave ovens our entire lives. And, what did we do without cell phones or mp3 players? It’s kind of fun to shock them with stories of life in the “dark ages”.

That’s just a small sample of the great things of motherhood. I didn’t even include any of the great stuff about being the mom of a baby and toddler! Feel free to add anything in the comments.

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