Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Kitchen Organization

Today's WFMW is themed and has to do with kitchen organization. My kitchen is reasonably well-organized (the one part of my house that is), but most of what I own is a hodge-podge of what I have been given and purchased myself over the years. I have everything from Belgique pots from my mom to KMart plastic cups - quite a quality range.

Right before my birthday this year, I checked out from the library Alton Brown's Gear for Your Kitchen, which is a great book that goes through just about every kitchen item, tool, and appliance giving recommendations on what a home cook might need. For my birthday present, Mr. Math Tutor got me a copy of the book along with some money to spend on refurbishing my kitchen stuff. My parents joined in the act and contributed some money as well. So, book in hand, we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for my shopping spree.

First of all, $200 just doesn't go as far as I had originally planned. That being said, here is a partial list of the goodies I was able to purchase:
Digital kitchen scale
Three pyrex measuring cups (including one the size and shape of a shot glass)
Four spice tins with magnets to hold spices and store them on a magnet strip or the side of the fridge.
A half-sheet pan
A couple of metal spoons and a spider (big spoon with a mesh bowl)
An aluminum mixing bowl
A plastic mixing bowl
A digital meat thermometer (remember last year's Christmas thermometer fiasco?)
Several other really fun items

I would have liked to get a real saute pan, but they run upwards of $50, so that will have to wait. In the process of doing all this, I cleaned out all my kitchen stuff and got rid of what I don't use. My cooking is much more pleasant these days. And, I'm happy to say that the stuff I bought gets used pretty regularly!

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KC said...

I have cleaned out the kitchen as well, but it never seems to get organized! I think I just have too much stuff! I'm going to check out library and see if they have that book. I really like the America's Test Kitchen cookbooks because it not only has recipes that have been tested for the best taste, consistency, etc. but they also test equipment. Turns out that alot of the high price stuff you see at Williams-Sonoma and places like that are not as good as some of the things you can get at Wal-mart, i.e. glass pyrex dishes---those are the best to bake and serve in. I like these tests because they're practical and suit my lifestyle. I love the pretty pottery ones they have in Williams-Sonoma, but when you consider they're $50-$60 versus $10, I just can't justify the extra money. They also test the usefulness of gadgets too. I'm in the market for an ice cream maker and the one they actually recommend is the attachment for my mixer. Great! It takes up less space, but I think that if my mixer ever dies, then I'm out an ice cream maker. Guess I would have to replace the mixer. Anyway, amazon sometimes has good prices on saute pans. We got several Calphalon pans pretty cheap a couple of years ago (we're partial to Calphalon and All Clad).Have fun cooking!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific idea! I LOVE BB&B because did you know their 20% off coupons Never Expire? They say they do, but the stores will Always accept them. You can even take the coupons in with old receipts and they'll give you back the difference. I know!

I cleaned out my closet like that last year. I never thought to do the same with my kitchen! I really like Alton Brown's show; looking forward to his book now!

Thanks & Blessings, Whitney