Thursday, October 16, 2008

And, We're Home!

We just got back from our Chicago trip about 30 minutes ago. I'll blogging with pictures over the weekend, but I figured I'd give you a quick hi's and low's for the trip. (FYI, hi's and low's are telling the good and bad about the trip - we do it on Sunday nights with the teenage small group we lead.)

  • Monday through Thursday away from home with NO MIGRAINES!!!!
  • Managing Chicago public transportation.
  • All the nice people who helped us get where we needed to without getting lost.
  • Seeing all four museums PLUS the Hancock tower.
  • The self-guided audio tour of the Hancock tower - new since the last time we were there.
  • The yummy food - from Dunkin Donuts (not gourmet, but yummy nonetheless) to delicious soup at the food court in Water Tower Place.
  • Staying in a "vintage" hotel with very nice staff and a fridge and microwave to have leftovers for dinner one night.
  • Happy children for the vast majority of the trip.


  • Buying seven day transit passes when we would have been better off paying cash.
  • Losing one of the transit passes on Wednesday.
  • Rain on Wednesday
  • The kids didn't like the Field Museum, but that gave us lots of time at the Museum of Science and Industry.
  • An absolutely tiny bathroom in our hotel room.
  • My incredibly sore feet, legs, and back.

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