Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 Timely Facts - October 23, 2008

hm10 A new Meme!  This one is hosted at Homeschool Awards and is Homeschool Memoirs.  Today's challenge is to list ten timely facts about myself.  Here goes:


1. I love homeschooling (borderline unschooling) my kids!

2. I started knitting three years ago when I was on a three month leave from work because of my headaches.

3. I had my appendix out the weekend before Mardi Gras when I was a third year medical student at Tulane (in New Orleans).

4. I don't like very many vegetables, so my daughter has started a project to develop veggie recipes that I will enjoy.

5. I went to a private, Christian school through fifth grade then public schools - hence my strong belief in homeschooling.

6. My favorite candy is dark chocolate mint meltaways - from Van de Walle candies or Godiva.

7. My mother graduated from college a week before I did, a state away.  We had a huge party!

8. My husband is an elder and we are part of the Evangelical Free Church of America

9. I have been an Evangelical most of my life, except for a short stint in a PCA Church (which is Reformed) and an even shorter stint in an Assemblies of God Church.

10. My kids and I are Food Network Junkies!!


mommyof5 said...

Hi Catherine,
I enjoyed reading your posts. Tell your daughter to look up recipes that hide veggies in foods and you will never know the difference. LOL Like the recipe book "Deceptively delicious" That should help her. It is what I do for my kids.

Shannon said...

Enjoyed your 10 facts.

We're Food Network Junkies too. My 7 yo. son is a huge Emeril fan!

Nice to "meet" you.

Shannon @ Song of my Heart