Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No More Window Cleaning!!

So, I'm in the middle of house-cleaning mania. I don't know when I'm going to crash, but I'm hoping it will be after I clean the bathroom. Monday, I decided to clean some windows, which was a great idea because any more light in this house in the winter time is a good thing. We had a window on the landing of the stairs that I suspect was supposed to be for emergency exit as well as ventilation originally, but now is painted shut and has a storm window over it. Nonetheless, the kitty cats sit in the sill and look down at the bird and kids in the backyard. And, they press their little noses to the window. This is cute until you have to clean all the kitty cat mucus off the window. But, after two good cleanings, the window looked good as new. Until this morning. There were three kitty cat nose prints on the glass. Then, so I didn't feel so bad toward the cats, Mr. Math Tutor put a thumb print on the window. When I hit a cleaning mania phase again in a few years, I'll clean the window again, I suppose. In the meantime, NO MORE WINDOW CLEANING!!

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Pitts Academy said...

Oh, I admire your energy.. I need badly to get down and clean, clean and clean my house. Not the basic, dishes and vacuum but the grungy window washing, cleaning out closets and organizing now Summer clothes to winter clothes.. Your post inspired me to get up and JUST do it! :)