Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Today is the day we start working on Halloween costumes! Yippee! (If I say it long enough, I'll believe it, right?) We are sewing parts of each of the kids' costumes, having purchased patterns and cloth last week in town. Wild Man is going to be Robin Hood, so we are making a tunic, cape, and hat, and he will wear brown pants. Ga'hoole Girl wants to be an elf. She chose a lovely midnight blue crushed velvet fabric (which was on sale) and a pattern for a cape.

Here's the big question, though. I don't want to spend anymore money, but I do want to dress up a little this year. Who should I try to be? Professor Sybil Trelawney or Molly Weasley? While Molly Weasley is my heroine, I might actually have enough sweaters and costume jewelry to be Professor Trelawney. The hair is hopeless for either one. So, leave a comment. Trelawney or Molly Weasley?

The other big question about Halloween is "Do we have enough candy?" We have lived in this neighborhood for two years and have run out of candy both years - this after 10 years of living in a neighborhood where we had very few kids come by and always had way more candy leftover than we should have had. But, I have two big grocery bags full right now. And it wasn't cheap - I don't believe in giving kids candy I don't like, so I give out lots of Reeses and Hersheys. I'm such a sap!

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