Friday, October 17, 2008

Homeschool Creativity - Heart of the Matter Online

Today's Heart of the Matter Meme is ideas for non-creative homeschooling moms. The problem is that I'm one of those non-creative types!! What I have learned, though, is that my kids will be incredibly creative if I just give them the time to do so. When we studied Medieval History, I didn't plan any cool creative ideas, but Wild Man made a Lego castle and played knights for weeks. Ga'Hoole Girl has used her own money to purchase prisms and has made up her own optics kit. In our situation, the best idea for creativity is to give the kids lots of time and little media and let their own creativity shine through.

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Jen said...

I agree with giving them the resources and the time and it's amazing what kids will come up with on their own. My girls often create their own little experiments and projects, too.

Creative and Curious Kids!

SmallWorld at Home said...

It is truly awesome to watch kids express themselves creatively! I used to like to take our science supply leftovers and just let them experiment in any way they wished, without the confines of a science book. This was a huge hit!