Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rambling – 12/23/2010

1:42am and all is not quite well in our home.  I have a wicked migraine that is defying everything I throw at it.  Actually, the nausea is much calmer now that I’ve taken a bunch of Phenergan.  I’m exhausted, but can’t lie down in bed because that makes the pain worse.  PWM brought my CPAP machine down here so I can sleep on the sofa.  Right now, I’m just kind of hanging out and waiting for the pain to calm down.  And it will.  I rarely have intense pain like this for more than about 4 or 6 hours.  What’s actually worse is that the migraine sometimes settles into a low-grade headache that lasts for days – like it did last week.  But, they don’t last forever.  I just need to hang on.

Rosie Girl has been working on her gift for me, but it’s been kind of hard.  The only place that she can really work on it is in the dining room and I’m usually in and out of the dining room and kitchen pretty frequently.  Usually I go to bed before Rosie Girl, but not tonight.  So, whenever I looked that direction or passed by the table tonight, I had to shade my eyes.  Wild Man has most of his gift work done, except that he needs to make some more “coupons” which involves me cutting lots of cardstock into 2x3 inch cards for him.  Probably tomorrow.

All my gift knitting has been done for a couple of weeks now.  I’ve been working rather diligently on some Christmas stockings for me and PWM.  This was my first attempt at Fair Isle knitting and I loved it!  The only problem is that I need to tack the floating strands on the back of the work more frequently than I did on the first stocking.  On the second, I made sure to twist the yarns in the back of the work whenever I had a stretch of stitches of more than 4 in the same color.  It lies much neater and doesn’t pucker.  That being said, I think I can make the first one look just fine with a little work on blocking it.  The really hard part has been doing the duplicate stitch on the argyle section.  It sounds so easy – just knit a “v” over each stitch marked in the pattern.  But, it’s deceptively difficult.  I kept getting my number of stitches mixed up and would then have to pull out a section and start over.  By the end, I had gotten the hang of it.  I still need to duplicate stitch our initials onto them, but I think that will be a little easier now that I’ve done the duplicate stitching on the argyle section.

There’s a sweet little man who lived across the street from us and who we saw at the Nutrition Site every week because he came to pick up his lunches every day.  We’ve known since we moved here that he was a menace when he was driving, but he only drove in town and very slowly, so nobody did anything about it until recently.  A few weeks ago, the police finally did whatever was needed to get his license taken away.  And last week, he was moved into some kind of assisted living or nursing home setting.  I’m sure he’s not happy about it, but he really wasn’t doing a great job of taking care of himself.  I’m trying to figure out where he moved so that we can go visit him next week.  He has had a hard time being very sociable because of his hearing and he never would stay at the Nutrition Site for lunch; he would pick up his lunch and go home (until they took away his license – then he got Meals on Wheels).  We will surely be praying for him and trying to visit.

In the meantime, the “abuelo” next door (“abuelo” is “grandfather” in Spanish – he doesn’t speak much English) puts the rest of us to shame with his work.  While the rest of the world is out using snowblowers after a snow storm, he shovels out his family’s driveway.  I know they have a snow blower because I’ve seen his son and grandson use it, but “abuelo” prefers to shovel.  PWM uses a snow blower to do our driveway and sidewalk and Grandma’s driveway.  Sometimes, on weekdays, he’ll go ahead and do the whole sidewalk for the block so that the kids who walk to school have a clear place to walk.  Wild Man is not quite big enough to handle the snow blower yet.  However, he does do some of the shoveling of the walkways, etc.  Then he works on his snow fort in front of the house.

When the kids were decorating the Christmas tree this year, they made lots of jokes about all the angels getting their wings because the bell ornaments would ring whenever they were moved.  So, now, Wild Man will purposely ring the bells and say that he’s making up an army of angels!

A character in a book I’m reading wears a T-shirt that says, “I’m the grammarian about whom your mother warned you!”  Isn’t that great?!  Of course, now that I’ve gotten the hang of not ending sentences with prepositions, I’ve been reading that it’s probably not that big of a deal.  All that work to avoid the end of sentence preposition for naught.  It’s kind of like the spacing with typing.  I learned that you put two spaces at the end of a sentence and one space between words.  Now, they (whoever “they” is) say that you should only put one space at the end of the sentence.  I’ve been typing since I was 15 – close to 30 years of my life – and have always put two spaces after a sentence.  I’m too old to learn that new trick.

My laundry is finally folded.  There were two big baskets of towels, socks, and underwear (mostly mine and PWMs) that needed folding.  I offered to pay one or both kids to do it after I went to bed last night, but there were no takers.  So, tonight, during Top Chef, I roped Wild Man into helping me fold the clothes – without pay (except a cookie).  So, now they’re folded so I guess it’s time to get them upstairs.  Rosie Girl did her clothes a few days ago.  I probably need to get Wild Man to do his tomorrow so he has his dress clothes for Christmas Eve service at church.

That’s all my rambling.  Pretty boring, huh?  I’ll try to be more entertaining next time.


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