Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Week – 12/12/2010

What a crazy week!!  I’m glad it’s finally Sunday!  What’s been going on?


Last week, PWM and I went to the optometrist for a “mid-term” meeting about Wild Man’s vision therapy.  It turns out that Wild Man’s brain actually shuts down input from one of his eyes when his eyes get tired.  Wild Man continues to have his regular vision therapy on Monday, but is also doing some work with a computer program on Monday and Thursday.  On Monday night, PWM and Wild Man went to TaeKwonDo as usual, but they were also getting ready for a belt test later in the week.


Rosie Girl was the special musical guest at the Ladies’ Christmas Tea at the local Assemblies of God church.  We had a wonderful time!  The sanctuary was filled with tables each decorated by a woman from the hosting church.  We had tea, water, and  lots of goodies.  Rosie Girl played 2 classical pieces and 2 Christmas pieces on keyboard and then played 6 short Christmas carols on her ocarina.  She did a wonderful job and the ladies in attendance were quite gracious.


PWM and Rosie Girl had a rehearsal at church in the afternoon when Rosie Girl usually helps our Worship Director.  This week was complicated by the fact that Wild Man had started complaining again about a sore throat and had some evidence of recurrent infection.  PWM took him to see one of the doctors at the clinic who had Wild Man take another course of Zithromax.  Fun.


We had our first real snowfall on Thursday – and I had the migraine to show for it!  It was a pretty quiet day for me, but PWM took Wild Man to church for a drum lesson, then to the optometrist for his vision therapy, and then (yippee!!) bought dress clothes for him.  Yes, he got dress clothes without having to resort to taking Wild Man to Appleton or Stevens Point!!  Wild Man went to Junior High group in the evening.  I wasn’t able to get to sleep because of my migraine, so I planned to sleep in on Friday.


Thursday’s migraine threw a wrench into Friday’s plans.  We had appointments to be at UW-Stevens Point for a visit starting at 8:45am.  PWM and Rosie Girl got up early and got to the University before 8:45am.  The class they were going to observe was actually taking a test, so they talked with the administrator for the Department of Music for an hour or so.  Then, they went on a campus tour from 10:30-12:30.  I slept in and was able to meet them at 12:30 in the Music Building.  PWM left for home about 1pm and Rosie Girl had a piano lesson with one of the piano professors at that time.  After the lesson, Rosie Girl and I talked with an admissions director to help us make sure that we’ve got a good curriculum plan for the rest of her high school years.  It was an excellent visit!  Rosie Girl really loved the technology room and thinks she could be very happy there and learn a lot.

PWM and Wild Man had their belt tests on Friday evening.  They are both confident that they did well, so, hopefully, they will get their yellow-tip belts next week.  They both broke board – PWM with a punch, and Wild Man with a kick!

While the boys were at belt testing, I decided to bake cookies.  I made three kinds of cookies – butter cookies that I sandwiched together with chocolate frosting, chocolate mint crinkle cookies, and swirled mint cookies.  Yummy!!


The storm came.  We were supposed to have company for dinner last night, but we canceled it because the weather forecast was so bad.  It was snowing when PWM, Wild Man and Rosie Girl went to church at about noon for a rehearsal, but it was still early then.  By evening, it was snowing hard and the wind was blowing all kinds of directions.  Given my previous experience with a blizzard (i.e. a totally miserable migraine), I started on the migraine meds early.  Yes, the migraine came, but it wasn’t as severe as I was expecting!


And today we have the aftermath of the storm.  Church was canceled because so many roads were impassable this morning.  The snow ended this morning, but people were out by noon running their snowblowers and using the snow shovels.  We had a good 8-12 inches here.  And it’s supposed to get bitter cold later in the week.

And somewhere during all of this week, we did manage to get some schoolwork done (mostly Sonlight).

This next week is my week to wrap and mail all the Christmas presents.  Wild Man has a band concert tomorrow night.  Otherwise, I’m going to do a lot of vegging out.  When it’s a bit warmer, I’ll see about breaking out the cross-country skis and enjoying the snow!  How was your week?  Any excitement in your life?

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