Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

It’s late afternoon on Christmas Day.  We’re all sitting around enjoying our gifts and getting some much needed rest.  For your enjoyment, I present the highlights of Christmas 2010.

  • Last night, PWM and Rosie Girl played with the worship team for the Christmas Eve service and did a great job!

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  • The Christmas Eve service included various sections of scripture read by one of the staff members while it was acted out by a small group of people.  Between these dramatic pieces were interspersed songs and Christmas carols.  Then our pastor preached on Simeon.  It was beautiful.
  • I finished the new Christmas stockings for me and PWM!


  • Wild Man has spent pretty much all day setting up his new Lego Hogwarts set.

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  • Rosie Girl was quite happy with her tickets to see Wicked in February!


  • PWM got all creative this year – he made a wooden spoon for me, an Elder Wand (from Harry Potter) for Wild Man, and crocheted juggling balls for Rosie Girl.

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  • Wild Man also got a Mind Flex game – the other played it this afternoon while I was taking a nap.
  • I gave the rest of the family a Mythbusters game that we’re going to break out after dinner.
  • With all the Harry Potter stuff, we’ve all taken to speaking with British accents!
  • Rosie Girl got a set of Full-Metal Alchemist DVDs and a pocket watch (from one of the FMA characters).
  • Wild Man gave each of the three of us a painted wooden box with a set of coupons – mine are for “reading out loud”, “dishwasher”, “rub” (i.e. my feet or my back or my neck), and “breakfast in bed”.  I think I’m going to enjoy the next few months.
  • For good measure, here’s a picture of the four of us – all dressed up at the same time!


Hope that Christmas has been wonderful for you and your family!!


Robin said...

Love your stockings! Isn't that a great pattern? I've made 5 of them!

Catherine said...

Thanks, Robin! And thanks for leading me to that pattern. I am now forever hooked on Fair Isle knitting. So much fun and such amazing results! I've told my kids that I'll make them one when they leave home as adults so they can decide whether to take their "sentimental" one that I bought when they were babies or the one that I make for them. The family was all quite impressed!

Still praying for your adoption journey.

Kathleen said...

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for stopping by Treasured Chapters! And Merry Christmas!

Sounds like you had a really neat Christmas Eve service - loved the drama aspect of it.

And...your Wild Man would get along marvelously with my oldest wild man - he is a Lego Freak! :)