Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After-Christmas Activities

Christmas day has come and gone.  The gifts are all open.  Since we used gift bags and boxes instead of wrapping, the clean-up was quick.  So, what have we been doing with our week off?

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See these cool items – the Elder Wand for Wild Man and a Welsh Love Spoon for me?!  PWM carved them by hand for us.  The “Elder Wand” was made from a stick that PWM found outside.  He used stain on the “bumps” to provide some contrast.  The Welsh Love Spoon pattern was from a website and is carved from bass wood.  He is soooo talented!  These were all made before Christmas, so PWM has spent his time catching up on everything else!



I decided the other night to unravel a sock that I had made that was entirely too small.  Unfortunately, the techniques I used in making the sock made it difficult to unravel.  So, I sat at the table with loupes (magnifying glasses) on while I tried to unravel the sock and then wind the yarn into a ball.  And I did NOT know that PWM was going to take a picture of me!!  (And the sock is still not completely unraveled.)  Right now, I’m making myself a pair of socks with some leftover yarn.  Then I’ll be working on some projects for some of my cousin’s kids who live in Minnesota – a place where wool is definitely appreciated!


Wild Man loves his Lego Hogwarts Castle.  Of course, you can see in the second picture that he felt the need to “improve” it by adding guns to the roof!

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And here is Wild Man demonstrating his Nerf dagger and shield.  Yes, he loves the camera!

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Rosie Girl has been wearing one of the hats from my brother and sister-in-law pretty much every day since Christmas.  The hat is brown and has a flower appliqué of a couple of different kinds of fabric.  While wearing her hat, Rosie Girl has been spending some time on the computer watching her new DVDs, making electronic “songs”, and writing stories. 

Rosie Girl and her friend went sledding yesterday.  PWM went out today to Grandma’s yard to try to blow some snow into a mini-sledding hill, so Wild Man got to play on that hill some today.  I’m hoping to get my cross-country skis out soon. 

I’ll post pictures of my Christmas knitting in a week or so.  I had made projects for my brother and his family and we mailed them the Saturday before Christmas.  Unfortunately, I had given PWM the incorrect zip code to put on the box.  PWM contacted the post office and either they redirected it or the error was somehow magically fixed and the package arrived at my sister-in-law’s family’s house today.  But, the package came after my brother’s family had already left to go back South.  It’s getting mailed to them at home, so they will hopefully get their presents next week sometime!


So, how are you spending your time this week?  Any fun projects or plans, or are you just relaxing?

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