Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Lagniappe 1/5/2010

Yay!!  The first Lagniappe post of the New Year!!  Hang on for lots of random stuff!

  • Rosie Girl had her tonsils out last Thursday.  She was only in the OR for about 40 minutes.  From what I know about OR procedures, I’m guessing that the actual surgery must have taken all of 10 minutes!  Nonetheless, recovery has not been easy.  She has been taking lots of pain medicine and nausea medicine.

  • To add to the post-tonsillectomy fun, Rosie Girl started having bleeding from the back of her throat tonight.  The doctor told us that, if she had this complication, it would be obvious, and he was right.  She only lost about 5 or 10 cc’s of blood, but that sure looks like a lot when it’s been spit into the toilet bowl.  Thankfully, Rosie Girl got it to stop pretty quickly by holding a popsicle to the back of her throat for a couple of minutes.  Not only did the bleeding stop, but so did Rosie Girl’s (and my) anxiety.  Whew.

  • I got my new mp3 player today and I love it.  My old one played music quite well, but it had a bad habit of not letting me fast forward to the middle of a chapter in an audiobook.  I could fast forward to about 10 minutes and then it would skip to the end of the track.  This new one allows me to fast forward or rewind to wherever I want in the track.  It also lets me do playlists which the other player was supposed to do, but never did.

  • We’ve been watching lots of Star Wars movies – both old (i.e. my generation with Harrison Ford) and new.  Mr. Math Tutor and Wild Man bought them on DVD to help amuse Rosie Girl while she’s recovering.

  • Wild Man and I did a spelling review today and I was amazed at what he remembers from before the holidays!!  He is doing quite well.  I am going to have him start writing sentences this week so we can start working on actually doing writing (as in paragraph writing) later this spring.

  • Mr. Math Tutor bought me some Rubbermaid containers so that we can store our Christmas decorations in Rubbermaid instead of the disintegrating cardboard boxes that we’ve been using.  Unfortunately, right when I started to take ornaments off the tree was when Rosie Girl started bleeding from her throat tonight.  Our house is a disaster and I’m just not emotionally prepared to deal with it.

  • In the middle of all this chaos, I’ve had a headache (most of the time a migraine) for the last week.  Rotten timing, I know.  The house cleaning is probably not going to get done any time soon.  Blah.

So, that’s what’s up around here.  Not terribly exciting, if you don’t count bleeding and panicking, which I’m trying to block out of my consciousness.  How has your 2010 been so far?

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Diane said...

Sorry about the headache. Hope you and your daughter are feeling better. My family also love the Star Wars movies. I think the originals are the best hands down.