Friday, January 15, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday


1. I’m sure you’ve seen the news reports of the devastation in Haiti.  Please continue to pray for that country and contribute to a reputable charity to help them rebuild.

2. I went four entire days without a migraine!!  Now I’m on the third day of a terribly wicked one.  Actually, I got a break for a while yesterday, so I did go out to lunch with a friend yesterday, but the migraine was back with a vengeance before bedtime.  EEK!

3. My darling husband, Mr. Math Tutor, turned 43 years old today.  I’m almost exactly 6 months younger than he is, so I can tease him about being older than I am during these few months.  We were going to go as a family to see Avatar and then out to dinner, but my migraine prevented that.  I slept a lot today, so we were able to go out to a quiet restaurant for a nice family meal.

4. A friend and I have decided that we are going to start having lunch together every Thursday when I don’t have a terrible migraine.  I’ve been so isolated the last couple of years that it’s been hard to maintain any real friendships.  A regular lunch date is a great way to prioritize this relationship.

5. I’ve suddenly developed a hankering to learn Fair Isle knitting.  I always thought it was entirely too complicated before, but I’ve developed enough other skills that I think I might tackle it this year.

6. I might not hate the Wii Fit.  Until the migraine started, I was actually exercising pretty regularly.  And some of the Wii Fit games are pretty fun.  I was even in first place on one of the games.  Of course, it was because no one else had played the game yet.  As soon as Wild Man played once, he was in first place.  Sigh.

7. I love our Roku box!  Tonight, Mr. Math Tutor and I introduced our children to the original Star Trek episodes!!  And, I think Wild Man may be a fan!  Mr. Math Tutor and I were laughing about the extra guy on the away team who always gets killed and the skimpy outfits of the female characters.  Wild Man actually enjoyed the plot.  Rosie Girl seemed to have a good time, but not as much as Wild Man.

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Robin said...

I have just learned fair isle knitting and am working on a Christmas stocking as my first project. It's not that hard! Check out Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines for good instructions and an adorable stocking pattern.

Catherine said...

Thanks, Robin! I will check them out! I've noticed that many knitting techniques seemed impossible until I actually tried them.