Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Memories – 2009

Our family has had a great holiday season this year.  I’ve already posted about all the musical performances that were part of our holidays.    The kids and I made Christmas cookies to send to some of our family members.  We read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever as a family for the first time this year – I think it’s going to be a tradition because we loved it so much.  We also read parts of Letters to Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkein as well as other Christmas read-alouds.

Of course, I did some knitting for my family.  And, of course, I forgot to take pictures.  You’ll have to use your imagination.  I made these gloves for my mom and my sister-in-law.  They were together when they opened their gifts, so I made one pair navy blue and another pair brown and told them that they could exchange if they preferred the other person’s color.

I did hats in camouflage patterned yarn for my nephews.  I made a pair of socks for my brother and started a pair for my dad and plan to make a pair for my husband.  For Rosie Girl, I found a really cool mitten pattern with owls on them.  Wild Man is a huge Packer fan, so I made him a Packer hat.  I did it without a pattern, as usual, but didn’t really pay attention to the number of stitches I was using.  I finished the pattern on the night of the 23rd.  When I fastened off, I realized that it was the size of a doll hat!!  So, I started another one and finished it yesterday.  And this time, it fits.

Santa was very generous this year.  The whole family got Wii Fit Plus.  The kids really enjoy it.  Mr. Math Tutor and I like it despite the soreness that it causes!  Rosie Girl got an iPod Touch from Santa while Wild Man got several video games.  Grams and Grandpa gave Rosie Girl a tenor ocarina which has a lower range than her current ocarina.  They (along with me and Mr. Math Tutor) gave Wild Man some new Legos.

I got a Roku from Santa so that we can watch Netflix movies on the TV instead of just the computer screen.  Rosie Girl gave me a Snuggie and Wild Man gave me a really cool pillow with ribbons to hold my book so I can read hands-free.  I also got the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook, a couple of knitting books, and some jewelry.  My family knows what I like!!  I’m a very happy woman!  (And I’ve changed my mind on the socks I’m making for my dad since I got a new knitting book!!)

On the day after Christmas, we had our “Christmas Dinner” which we shared with a friend and her two kids.  I made some good, old-fashioned Southern food – roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, iced tea, pecan pie, and fudge pie.  The kids had a blast playing games.

Since then, we’ve been mostly hanging around the house and enjoying our Christmas gifts until yesterday.  But, the story of Rosie Girl’s tonsillectomy is for another post.

I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and are enjoying 2010!!

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