Friday, January 01, 2010

Holiday Performances

Christmas season around here means lots of music and performances!!  There are recitals, concerts, and church performances.  I try not to add too much more to our schedule so we can enjoy the music of the season!

IMG_0977 Mr. Math Tutor plays bass guitar at church and had requested an Ashbory bass guitar for Christmas.  At Thanksgiving, the kids and I gave him permission to order the Ashbory as his Christmas gift.  He was thrilled!  And, because he got it well before Christmas, he has been able to play it during the Christmas season.





Rosie Girl played the first movement of a Mozart Sonata at her piano recital.






Wild Man was part of the kids’ Christmas program at church.  Rosie Girl sang with the adult choir while Mr. Math Tutor played bass guitar.  I just took pictures!!  You can see a video of the performance here.






Rosie Girl sang with the high school choir.  She also sang with the Madrigals at the choir concert and several other performances.





Rosie Girl accompanied the choir at church for a Christmas special.  This was her first time to accompany on piano.  And you can also see Mr. Math Tutor playing his new bass guitar.

I have great memories of the music of Christmas 2009!!

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