Friday, January 22, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday


1. I have a friend!!  I’ve been very isolated since I quit working.  I have lots of acquaintances, but it’s been hard to maintain close friendships when I have so many days of headaches.  One of my newer friends and I, though, have both been struggling with loneliness, so we are planning to have lunch together every Thursday.  Last week, we went to a restaurant.  This week, though, my migraine started yesterday morning at about 10:30am, so my friend brought soup over here and my dear hubby made grilled cheese sandwiches.  It’s so nice to have another adult to talk with on a regular basis.  We have several things in common, but are different enough that we have tons to discuss.

2. For my mom’s birthday at the end of December, I made her a scrapbook using Scrapblog.  My regular scrapbooking supplies are all in the basement, so I decided to actually spend a little money at Scrapblog and make a nice little book for Mom.  I used a combination of free supplies as well as some that I purchased.  Over the course of three days, I made 18 pages that covered events of 2009.  I then had softcover 9x16 books printed – one for her and one for me.  She and I are both thrilled with the results!!

3. Rosie Girl performed with the show choir last night at the school’s Pops Concert.  They did a wonderful job!!

IMG_1134_edited IMG_1143 IMG_1146


4. My migraine started yesterday (as noted above) and was really bad right before the Pops Concert.  In fact, Mr. Math Tutor had the still camera and video camera and we didn’t plan for me to attend.  However, about an hour before the concert, I took a cocktail of coffee, Toradol, and another pain medicine.  Twenty minutes before the concert, I felt well enough to attend, so Mr. Math Tutor came to pick me up (we live about 2 minutes from the school).  When Rosie Girl saw me in the audience as they were about to walk in, her face lit up like I’ve never seen.  It was all worth it.  (I still have the blasted migraine, though!!)

5. Rosie Girl hardly slept last night because she had so much adrenaline in her system after the concert.  She really felt like part of the group!  Part of it was just from being in the show choir and going to rehearsals, but she is also starting to get some respect because she can do things like play enough accompaniment for the group to practice without the director.  The other kids know she can play classical music, but they are starting to see that she also can play stuff they can relate to.

6. Speaking of fitting into a group, Rosie Girl is off to the skating rink with some friends from school.  The skating rink is doing an all-night event, but Rosie Girl is only staying until a little after midnight.  Nonetheless, she was excited about going to something non-school-related with friends.

7. And then there’s Wild Man!!  I’ve talked a lot in this post about Rosie Girl, but our lives as just as full of Wild Man as they are of Rosie Girl.  This week, at the Senior Nutrition Center, it was Birthday Party Week and Bingo.  Rosie Girl won some candy, but Wild Man won a little triangular tool with flat-head screwdrivers on one side, Phillips-head screwdrivers on another, and a measuring tape on the third side.  He loves it, and I love that he can fidget with something that belongs to him instead of stuff of mine!!

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