Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lagniappe – 1/27/2010

So, I sat down to write a deep and insightful post, but nothing’s coming out.  Instead, you get little bits of randomness.  Aren’t you glad you stopped by?  Don’t answer – that was rhetorical.

1. Did ya’ll see that football game on Sunday night??  The Saints are going to the Super Bowl!!  I normally don’t worry too much about Saints football, but I’m keeping an eye on the eastern sky expecting to see Jesus come back anytime because the Saints are going to the Super Bowl!!  No, I’m not from New Orleans, but I did spend 5 years at LSU in Baton Rouge and 4 years in New Orleans.  And, most of my New Orleans time was just down the street from the dome at Tulane Med School.  I always wondered at how people were so sad on Monday when the Saints lost – I mean, the Saints always lost!  But, now, the Saints are going to the Super Bowl!!

2. I’ve been three days without a migraine.  That feels like a record, although I know it isn’t.

3. For the last two days, we’ve had extra kids after school.  Today, we had kids over because their mom had a monthly staff meeting and they needed a place to stay for an hour.  Yesterday, three neighborhood kids had forgotten their key, so they couldn’t get in the house.  They came over here and stayed for a few hours after leaving a note on their door.  It’s been loud and rambunctious in our not-very-big house, but they are all good kids, so we had fun.

4. When my brother and I forgot our key when we were kids, we just waited outside till Mom or Dad got home.  But, we lived in Florida where it wasn’t 15 degrees outside.

5. I lost some of Wild Man’s All About Spelling tiles, so I’ve spent parts of the last two days cutting up new tiles and putting magnets on the back.  Aren’t you jealous?

6. I had two medical insurance questions that I had to make phone calls about yesterday – and I was dreading both.  I called the clinic and hospital first, and they were able to take care of both issues, so I didn’t have to call my insurance company at all!!

And that’s about all I have to say tonight.  I’m sure you’re bursting with excitement from reading it.  But, check back another time.  I might actually be profound eventually!



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