Friday, January 08, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – 1/8/2010


This first full week of 2010 has been a rough one!  We are quite thankful for modern medicine, technology, and our wonderful family at church.

1. We are so glad to be a part of a small group in our church.  Our small group leader called this morning to remind us of our small group meeting tomorrow night.  I told her that we might not be there because of our difficult week – she said that if we were there, we’d all enjoy ice cream together, but if we weren’t there, the rest of them would pray for us (and still enjoy the ice cream, I assume).

2. Our church is also bringing some meals for us in the next few days.  The friend who is also in charge of the meals ministry saw on Facebook that we were having a bad time, so she offered to have the ministry provide meals for a few days.  It will be very nice to be able to try to get life back together without having to worry about feeding the family.  What a great church family!!

3. Rosie Girl had another rough day yesterday, partly because she is just plain tired of sweet foods.  Hot and warm foods seemed to be making her pain worse but the only really cold foods that we could think of were sweet and Rosie Girl desperately wanted something savory.  Mr. Math Tutor finally tried room temperature mashed potatoes.  It doesn’t sound all that appetizing to me, but Rosie Girl was happy.

4. Last night, at 11:30pm, Rosie Girl was frustrated because she was in pain but had to wait another hour for her pain medicine.  I lay on the sofa with her and we watched Comedy Angels from Netflix on the Roku.  Between the distraction and the laughter, she made it to 12:30am and her pain meds (and bedtime).  This morning, she woke up feeling significantly better – still in pain, but much more like her old self!

5. I ordered myself a new mp3 player, but it didn’t come with a strap or belt clip.  Yesterday, I used some leftover fingering weight yarn (silk/wool blend) and made a little pouch that goes around my neck.  I felt so accomplished.  And I love the mp3 player – it holds about 10x more than my previous player did!

6. The Wii Fit and I are not going to be good friends, I don’t think.  I love the games, but I have been on it very irregularly because of my headaches.  Whenever I sign in, the board starts telling me about the importance of regular exercise – I want to scream, “BUT I’VE HAD A MIGRAINE FOR THREE DAYS, YOU STUPID MACHINE!”  I think the fact that I want to yell at a computer may indicate that I have issues.  Maybe.

7. The week before New Years, we bought Rosie Girl a Yamaha digital piano for her room.  Last spring, she borrowed a friend’s keyboard/digital piano and played for hours every day because she could play with headphones.  Given how much Rosie Girl plays right now, we decided it was time to get her an instrument that she can play whenever she wants.  She is one happy girl!!


How has your week been?  Anything exciting going on?  Check out 7 Quick Takes Friday to see what others have been up to!

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