Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What If?

What If?

Those two words can be some of the most depressing or some of the most optimistic words in the English language.

What if I didn’t have migraines?

What if I was still working as a physician?

What if we had more money?

What if?  What if?

But we won’t know the answer to the “what if” questions of the past. What would have been is a path now closed off to us. We are here. Today. Right where God wants us.

What if we order that new line of yarn?

What if my mammogram is normal? What if it  is abnormal?

What if Rosie Girl gets a great scholarship?

What if Wild Man gets a new musical opportunity?

These are the optimistic “what if” questions. Even the “what if the mammogram is abnormal” is an optimistic question because it is in the future and we know that God is already there to walk through it with us.

Let’s ask the “what if” questions, but ask them about what lies ahead. Let’s dream about the great things that God can and will do. Let’s even ask about the hard things that could be in our path. Jesus will walk through all of it with us, so we’ll be ready.

What if?

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