Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day 2012


  • Yes, I voted today. I actually had to wait a full 15 minutes in line, but it was OK because I talked with one poll worker who was wearing a cowl that she made with yarn and a pattern from our shop and then another poll worker whose kids are close in age to mine. I love small towns!
  • I’m very glad that the dexamethasone has kept my migraines at bay enough that I haven’t needed Imitrex since Friday, but I’m not so crazy about the moodiness, jitteriness, hunger, and ankle swelling. I’m sure the symptoms will improve as I taper down on the dose, but right now I just wanted to complain a bit.
  • Wild Man declared that soup is one of the three best things about winter – #1 is Christmas and soup and chocolate crinkle cookies are #2-3. Today I made some chicken and corn chowder while I was cleaning the kitchen and it turned out really well. I suppose I should make some crinkle cookies soon.
  • Rosie Girl has been working on her personal statement for her college application. I’ve done my part by getting her transcript ready. I hope she can send in the application by next week.
  • I really hope to spend some time in the shop later in the week because we’re getting the shop Christmas ready!
  • I have no idea how long I’ll be staying up tonight watching election returns, but the dexamethasone insomnia will certainly not send me to bed early!

I hope you are having a lovely Election Day/Night!!

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