Saturday, November 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes–November 24, 2012


I won’t even pretend it’s Friday. It’s 12:25am on Saturday. I’m writing so late because I’ve had two long naps today trying to sleep off a migraine.

1. How was your Thanksgiving? Things were “interesting” here. I woke up yesterday morning with a migraine, so PWM, Rosie Girl, and Wild Man did the entire Thanksgiving dinner except for the gravy and the pies. I was feeling better as it got closer to time for dinner, so I helped out with those items. And the dinner was delicious. Probably even more delicious than usual because all four of us worked on it together!

2. The two day migraine (because I still have it) was most likely caused by this crazy weather! Yesterday, we had the windows open and were enjoying 60 degree weather. Today, the high temperatures were in the thirties! Granted, thirty degrees is more typical for this time of year, but it was a rude awakening!

3. I couldn’t understand why I was still so cold this morning even after I turned the heat up to 68 degrees. Finally, the third time I checked the thermostat, I realized that the heat was off. I flipped the heat to “on”, and it started to get a lot warmer around here!

4. We don’t make a big deal about Black Friday at The Knitting Nest, but we are definitely excited about tomorrow, Small Business Saturday. If you are planning to do any shopping tomorrow, consider patronizing your local small businesses. We got a door mat from the Waupaca Area Chamber to help promote Small Business Saturday, but the high winds from yesterday appear to have blown it away. Bummer.

5. I left the kids with a list of cleaning to do today. Not only did they do it, but they got the Christmas tree up and lit and all the Christmas boxes out of the basement. I guess they’re ready to decorate for Christmas!!

6. I’m knitting away on Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, I have to hide away in my bedroom at times so that I can work on gift so that certain people can’t see what I’m doing. I also get work done on them at the shop, so I don’t have to spend all my time at home away from the rest of the family!

7. I bought a slow cooker earlier this week. The first dish that I made in it was pretty successful. I put frozen ground venison, barbeque sauce, beef broth, and Pepsi One in the crock. I stirred it every few hours. A couple of hours before eating it, I made biscuit dough and put biscuits on top of it. It was pretty yummy!! With soup season upon us, I forsee lots and lots of use!

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