Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday–November 30, 2012


1. The biggest news of the week is that my repeat mammogram was completely normal! Yippee!

2. I have to say how much I love ThedaCare Waupaca. Yeah, I know I used to work there, so it doesn’t quite count, but they really do a good job in a lot of ways. The mammography department runs on time. They have pink gowns that are kept in a warmer. The reception room is private so no one has to see you half-dressed. They call the next day if anything is abnormal and set up follow-up appointments within a day or two. They also give you the results of the follow-up views before you leave the clinic that day. It is really nice to not have to wait for days for something that is most likely normal but is still super-stressful to think about!

3. The kids brought up all the Christmas decorations last Saturday while PWM and I were working and then they decorated the Christmas tree last night. Now to finish the Christmas decorating and get the boxes all back downstairs!

4. I bought a new slow cooker – a big 7 quart deal! So far, I’ve made several dishes with it and really enjoyed it. Tonight, we’re having beef stroganoff. I’m going to use it next week to make turkey chowder with the leftover turkey bones.

5. I used my sewing machine this week. I know, I know, twice in six months is really pushing the envelope, but I had a bit of extra energy, so I decided to patch my trench coat which has some rips in the back. I patched them several years ago with an iron-on patch, which fell off. This time, I used cloth and patched it from the back, but zig-zagged over the rip. It’s visible, but not too terrible. And, I’m willing to wear it again since I’m not concerned about the rips getting bigger.

6. PWM has decided that our family needs a seminar in how to empty the bathroom trash can. I live in a sitcom.

7. We bought a new TV this week! Our very old TV died several months ago, so we’ve been using a 19 inch flat screen that PWM’s mom gave us. It worked quite well, but I couldn’t see things like the score from a football game on it. We are trying to spend very little money, especially on Christmas gifts, but decided that TVs are now inexpensive enough that we could splurge. We now have a 32 inch flat screen TV that is just perfect for us. The kids are thrilled to be able to see their video games so clearly. I love the size and clarity for watching TV and videos.

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