Saturday, November 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday–The Late Version!


Yes, it’s Saturday. But, we’ll pretend it’s Friday just for fun.

1. I was stuck without my computer last weekend, but my hero, PWM, was able to fix it on Tuesday!!! Yay! Most of my day-to-day stuff is online, so I was able to use PWMs laptop, but there are some things on my computer that I couldn’t get to, so I’m happy to have my “baby” back.

2. Wild Man asked me to make him some fingerless gloves yesterday. I’ve got the first one done and am halfway done with the second one, but have had to rip out part of the second one. Well, it will be done by tomorrow. He mostly wants it by Tuesday since the Wega-Fremont band is marching in the Appleton Christmas parade on Tuesday night. If you’re in the area, check them out!!

3. Rosie Girl’s college application is finished!! On Tuesday night, she was working on her personal statement when the admissions department at the college called to ask if she was still going to apply! Last night, all of the application stuff was finished. Next week, we have to get transcripts sent, but then we wait. And if she gets in, she applies for admission to the music department and an audition.

4. Today was my first migraine requiring Imitrex in two weeks. I’ve been on a really high dose and long steroid taper (taking dexamethasone). I haven’t had migraines, but I’ve had serious side effects – hungry, jittery, irritable, moody. Basically, I have been useless for the last couple of weeks, but I haven’t had a lot of pain. It’s a trade-off. I’m completely done with the steroids tomorrow, so I hope the rest of the effects wind down quickly.

5. My kids are calling dexamethasone “mom steroid”. Since I sleep less and I’m more hungry, I’ve been making breakfast in the morning (we’re usually a cereal/toast kind of family around here). The kids have loved the coffee cake, french toast, and ham and biscuit mornings. I’ve pointed out that it’s kind of sexist to call it “mom steroids” since there’s nothing inherent about my “mom-ness” that makes me cook. Oh, well.

6. The start of November means lots of Christmas music around here! Both kids are playing at church on Christmas Eve while PWM is mixing sound. Wild Man has a school band concert while Rosie Girl has a Christmas recital.

7. The kids have made their requests for holiday meals, so I need to do some grocery shopping. We do traditional turkey and trimmings for Thanksgiving. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I make several soups, so I need to stock up on those ingredients (and get them into Plan to Eat). We have our big Christmas meal the day after Christmas and the kids have requested roast beef, rice, and gravy with traditional Southern fixin’s. Sounds like a plan to me!!

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