Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Camp 2010

We got back yesterday from Fort Wilderness.  It was a rainy, headache-y week!  But, a week at Fort is better than a week at home!!

July 3

  • Got a migraine while packing – that never bodes well.
  • Arrived at Fort an hour before dinner, which was BBQ chicken!!
  • Speaker this year was going to be speaking on Malachi.  Hmmmmm.
  • Met a young lady, E, and her sister, L, who were there with their mom, F, to volunteer for the week.

July 4

  • Waffles for breakfast!
  • Wild Man and Rosie Girl learned about making gummy worms at the Nature Center.
  • I hate the mattresses at Fort!
  • Grandma loves making fires in our little firepit.
  • It rained in the evening.
  • The boys in the nearby cabins have been chasing chipmunks and managed to trap one under a bucket.
  • PWM and the kids (with a little help from me) wrote a letter from Alvin and the Chipmunks to the “chipmunk chasing children” to ask for peanuts and Cheetos as reparations.

July 5

  • 2nd day of rain
  • Malachi is actually pretty interesting.
  • Having to be at breakfast by 8:30 is a little tough for a night owl like me.
  • Wild Man and I learned about geodes at the Nature Center.
  • 028 034  083
  • PWM is reading Artemis Fowl out loud to us as it rains.
  • 023
  • Rosie Girl painted my toenails!
  • Shrieking by teenage girls should be forbidden unless a 911 call is needed!
  • Rosie Girl wrote another note from the Chipmunks to the teenage boys.  They’ve figured out who’s doing the letter-writing.  Now it’s a fun little game!

July 6

  • Rained last night!
  • Rosie Girl and E getting along quite well.  It doesn’t hurt that E works in the craft shop.
  • Wild Man spending lots of time and money shooting 22’s, bows and arrows, and at the canteen.
  • 027
  • PWM, Grandma, and I went on a pontoon boat ride to see loons.
  • The Chipmunks wrote back!
  • The bookstore people were at camp today and I bought Radical since it’s not available at the library and I want to read it.
  • PWM and I walked after lunch and got rained on during the first part of the walk.
  • I lost terribly at Ladderball to PWM.
  • Family Games tonight! – our team was the FaithGraceStars and we came in 7th place out of 8 teams.  If we’d been last, we’d have at least gotten ice cream!
  • 054 055 057 060 062
  • Rosie Girl and Wild Man were chosen on our team to try to get an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth using only facial muscles.  They were very funny and Wild Man was successful!
  • 039 045 049 051
  • Migraine started at about 10pm and it was a doozy!!  I was up till 3am with nausea and vomiting, etc.

July 7

  • I didn’t get out of bed till 1pm.  PWM brought me some lunch.
  • Very, very, very tired all day.
  • But, I got a double scoop of ice cream because I had missed breakfast!
  • The adult banquet was held in the evening – tenderloin, potatoes, mixed veggies, sundae bar.  PWM was picked for our team in Fort Wilderness Jeopardy!

July 8

  • Lumberjack breakfast this am!
  • When we got to the beach, we found that someone had put several picnic tables on a floating dock and tied them up a few hundred feet out in the lake.  We thought they must be from Still Creek, where they have Women’s Breakfast, which was earlier in the week.
  • 073
  • We had our lovely walk to Cranberry Point with Jacques, the lumberjack as our guide. 
  • 075 078
  • When we got there, we found bacon cooking and the cooks ready to make our pancakes, but NO TABLES!!  It turns out that the tables and dock were from Cranberry Point!  What a prank!  We ate standing up, but it was still fun!
  • Another migraine – slept through session and lunch.
  • No, I was not happy to miss learning about the book of Malachi!
  • Weather was finally gorgeous!
  • I went to the last part of the last session in the evening.

July 9

  • Packing, packing, packing!
  • Home!!

While I would have preferred to be migraine-free, it was still a great week for everyone!

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