Friday, July 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – July 23, 2010


Friday evening again and you know what that means!!

1. We’ve had so many storms lately that I feel like I’ve been going from one migraine to the next.  Not so fun.

2. I’m organizing the schoolroom.  I’m not really sure why we call it a schoolroom, since no one actually does schoolwork in there – they tend to do it in the living room or dining room.  Nonetheless, the school and craft supplies are all stored there.  Right now, they are on the floor, but eventually they will all be stored neatly.

3. Of course, the key to true organization is to get rid of extra stuff.  That is my current obsession.  I’ll have lots and lots of stuff to take to Goodwill in the next week or so.

4. I harvested lots of leaves from my herbs – basil, mint, dill, and catnip – and dried them.  The basil isn’t completely dry, so it’s still on a cookie sheet on top of the microwave  oven.

5. I’m trying to make my own mint extract this year, too.  I put chopped mint leaves in a jar with grain alcohol so I’m waiting 4-6 weeks for the mint oil to be extracted into the alcohol.

6. My addiction to cooking reality shows continues.  I really enjoy Next Food Network Star, Top Chef, Chopped, and now 24 Hour Restaurant Battle.  I used to watch Iron Chef and Food Network Challenge, but I’m not as fond of those nowadays.

7. My current knitting project is a sweater for my mom that is just like the one I made for myself for Easter.  I’ve also ordered yarn for a few pairs of socks.

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