Friday, July 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – July 30, 2010



1. My kitchen and dining room are finished!!  Well, they need to be straightened up, but the real “work” is done.  PWM and the kids painted the dining room/kitchen/back hall for me last week.  Just about everything is back up on the walls.  PWM took the baskets off the top of the cabinets while he was painting and tonight we pulled out all the china and put it up on top of the cabinets.  I have several plates set up so we can see the pattern – it  looks so nice!  And the china is easier to get to, so we might actually use it!

2. One set of china is my wedding china.  I only have a 4 piece place setting of this with 4 goblets.  However, I inherited my aunt’s china that I used to see in her china cabinet whenever we visited.  It’s not as high a quality, but I have at least a 10 piece place setting, and the colors match my kitchen perfectly.  And, I’m reminded of my aunt (who died about 10 years ago) every time I see it.

3. I’ve learned a new knitting technique – the sliding loop.  I’m making a pair of socks using it.  It’s pretty nifty and I’m always glad for another technique in my arsenal.

4. My parents and brother with his family are all coming to visit in 2 weeks.  We have rented a house on a lake nearby and are really looking forward to a week of fun and family.

5. I finished the sweater I knitted for Mom, except that it needs to be blocked.

6. One of my other projects this week was to clean the schoolroom – and I actually did it!  The local half-price book store and Goodwill got lots of stuff from us this week.

7. As I clean and organize, I’m trying to actually get things out of the house and not just rearrange where they are.  So, I moved the china to the space above the kitchen cabinets, but I got rid of the baskets that were originally there.

So, what’s up with you this week?  Check out Conversion Diary to read what others are saying!

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See Jamie blog said...

How exciting that you'll have a family get-away coming us soon! Enjoy!