Monday, July 26, 2010

Today, I . . . . (July 26, 2010)

Today was an incredibly productive day for me.  I . . .

  • finished purging books and getting them ready to take to the half-price book store.
  • (with help from the kids) moved books around so that we’re ready for the Core 200 books along with any other school books I need to buy in the next few weeks.
  • decided which geography book to buy for Wild Man.
  • organized the science boxes – which involved getting rid of stuff we never will use and consolidating other stuff.  We now have a general science box, a biology/dissection box, and a microscope supply box.
  • finished organizing both closets in the schoolroom.
  • vacuumed the schoolroom.
  • filled the back of the van with tons of stuff to go to Goodwill (in addition to the books).
  • moved the old crib/bassinet (was handmade for my dad in 1940) from the upstairs closet to the schoolroom.
  • organized the linens that used to live in the old crib and gave them new homes as well as getting rid of lots of them.
  • brought my entire yarn stash down to the schoolroom, put all the yarn in Ziploc bags (I’ve been getting paranoid about the possibility of bugs in my wool), and then put the bags into the antique crib.
  • ate Rosie Girl’s yummy homemade Leek Soup (from her Williams-Sonoma Soup cookbook).
  • dealt with Wild Man’s inability to manage the limits we’ve imposed on media.  Let’s just say that the parents are going to be more involved (and take possession of his computer for a while.)
  • watered the tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • visited with my mother-in-law while I was taking sheets to her house (and I still can’t find her pink flat sheet – even though I’ve gone through all the linens in the house!!)
  • made a batch of brownies (with Wild Man’s help).
  • finished Mom’s sweater, except for weaving in ends and blocking.  She’ll be up for a visit in a few weeks so I can give it to her.
  • Took a nice hot shower and pulled the shower head off the pipe trying to make the massage part of it work!  I finally got it all figured out, but the ceiling got rather wet in the process.

Whew!!  I haven’t been this productive in ages.  I think I may sleep till noon tomorrow and do nothing but read books and knit socks!  So, night, night!!

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