Friday, July 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – July 16, 2010


1. I turned 43 on Wednesday.  My dear family got me books, books, and more books!!  And a Dairy Queen ice cream cake!  Does life get any better?

2. About a week before we left for camp this year, our cats had a little stressful event.  A neighborhood cat came up to our screen door and our two gray cats got all stressed out, but they started to take it out on each other after we closed the door.  They were screaming, hissing, and bowing up like we’d never seen!  We separated all three cats for several days, rotating them so that everyone got some time in the basement with the food and litter box as well as time in the other rooms where they could smell the other cats.  We also got a Feliway diffuser which diffuses “happy cat pheromones” into the air.  A good friend who is also a cat person fed them while we were at camp so they could also get some attention while we were gone.  Since we have been home, there have been just normal kittie tussles and no screaming fits!

3. More about cats – It does appear that Silver has reasserted herself as the dominant cat.  Sophie had been dominant for a number of years.  I think, though, that Silver is telling the other cats, “You don’t EVEN want me to go all crazy on you again!!”

4. I’m drying some of the herbs that I’ve been growing.  I said that the oven smelled herbacious, but PWM said it was herbalicious!  Either way, it smells good.

5. I think some of the recent headaches have been related to neck pain from the bad mattresses at camp, so I’ve been using muscle relaxants, ice, and my TENS unit.  Today, I finally felt better on that regimen.

6. We bought paint for the dining room today and I painted a little section of wall.  I’m going to love it!!  And the name of the paint color is “sensual”!

7. Grandma is getting her cottage next door all set up.  She has most of the furniture that she needs.  She puts some flowers in her front flowerbed earlier this week.  We’ve had her over for dinner several times this week.  I think this is going to work out well.

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Karin Katherine said...

I love Dairy Queen! That is my daily summer spot. I have a feeling Weight Watchers will be my new fall spot!

Glad to read your 7 Quick Takes...