Monday, January 28, 2013

The In-Between Days

Today was one of those days that is really hard for me. I didn’t feel well, but I didn’t have a rip-roaring migraine, either. I was tired, achy, and had a moderate headache (about a 5/10) and felt worse whenever I did anything physical.

These days are hard because I’m not obviously ill like when I have a bad migraine, but I’m not feeling quite up to doing much. So I end up feeling pretty useless most of the day, thinking that I “should” be able to get up and clean something or organize something or (this week) pack something.

When I have a good day, I’m at least emotionally healthy enough to see that my bad and in-between days are unproductive days, but my worth isn’t measured in productivity. On my in-between days, I quite often feel down and moody, so I have trouble thinking clearly and get stuck on a spiral of negativity.

Another problem with in-between days is that they are often precursors to “real” migraines. As I look at the weather coming up tomorrow, I think that may be the case with how I feel today. Yuck.

There’s nothing to do about this except pray and keep telling myself what is true to try to get through the “Oh, I’m so useless” messages.

That’s all. More fun in my headache-filled life.

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