Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–January 25, 2013


1. This week was “get ready to move” week, which was incredibly frustrating! Since we’re only moving down the street, we don’t need to have everything boxed up at the same time. Mostly, we’ve been decluttering. And, the decluttering has been quite successful. The things that still need to be done are the kids’ rooms and the school room.

2. The house inspection was today and was pretty good, except for one questionable problem. We were supposed to start renting on Monday, but now that’s up in the air until the inspection issue is resolved. I hate waiting!

3. In the decluttering, I came across the folders for my and PWM’s college degrees. They were all empty. I later found one degree that was framed, so I assume that the other two are framed as well along with my medical degree. Now I’m curious as to where they are! It’s not like anyone in the yarn shop is going to ask to see them, but I’d like to know!!

4. Rosie Girl got the letter this week with her audition date for the Music Department of the College of Fine Arts at UWSP! She’s working like mad on her audition pieces, and we’re praying it all works out for her to get into the department in her first year (and maybe even get a scholarship).

5. With the move coming up, I’m dreaming of how to decorate the new house without actually spending any money (or much money). Pinterest is my new best friend!

6. As much as I want to get this move over with, I’m glad we didn’t have to do it this week in the below zero temperatures. Of course, it’s going to be snowing this week. Yay.

7. Speaking of below zero temps, PWM’s mom from Florida is here to help with the move. Poor woman. But, she did live in Fairbanks, AK, when PWM was in 3rd and 4th grade, so she’s dealt with cold weather before – even if it was a long time ago. I still feel bad for her. It’s in the 70s in Florida this week.

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