Friday, January 04, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–January 4, 2013

2013 has been a pretty uneventful year so far, but let’s see what I can come up with.


1. I get new glasses next week!! I have this paranoia about telling a doctor when I have a problem because I’m sure they won’t find anything wrong and it will all be “in my head” or hypochondriasis. I went to the eye doctor last week for an annual check up, but also because the vision in my right eye has become so terrible. Even with my glasses on, everything in my right eye is blurry. It turns out that I’m not imagining things! It’s not good that my right eye has changed so much and has some pre-cataract changes, but it does mean I’m not a total hypochondriac!! Now I’m ancy to get my new glasses because, now that I’ve admitted how poor my vision is, it seems to be even worse than I thought.

2. While everyone else was partying or at least watching some object drop at midnight on New Year’s Eve, Wild Man was at a friend’s house, PWM and Rosie Girl were watching Dr. Who, and I was knitting. Yes, the excitement is overwhelming.

3. Our library system is having a reading program for adults where we can have our name put in for a monthly drawing for every book that we read and review. This is SOOOO my kind of contest!! I’ll still read my books that I got for Christmas, but I’m definitely going to have some fun with reading other books, too.

4. I finally finished knitting Rosie Girl’s sweater and I’ve started embroidering The Doors of Durin on the back in duplicate stitch. Oh. My. Goodness. I did not realize how tedious this was going to be. I’ve done duplicate stitch before, but not on so large and intricate a scale. I do about 30 minutes worth and then take a break and then do another 30 minutes worth. It’s going to take me several more days, at least.

5. I’m planning on taking down Christmas decorations on Sunday. I’m saying that we’re taking them down on Epiphany ‘cause that sounds really religious. Actually, it’s the first day that it looks like there’s enough time to take them down.

6. We start our homeschooling again on Monday. Unfortunately, the local school started on Wednesday. We didn’t really think much about public school stuff until late on Wednesday when we realized that Wild Man had missed band. Alas. He got there on Thursday and Friday, though.

7. One of our cats has taken to napping on my and PWM’s bed during the day. If I lie down on the bed in the middle of the day, she fusses at me as if the bed belongs to her. She barely moves when I put my feet down toward the bottom of the bed and quite often just lies down on top of my feet. Silly.

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