Wednesday, January 09, 2013

January 9

The last three days have been surprisingly full.


Our dishwasher isn’t draining properly and we won’t have the money for a new one for about a week, so we are now hand-washing all the dishes. yippee.

I had my third Botox treatment. I still don’t like needles.

PWM and I went to dinner at The Melting Pot since we got a gift card from my brother and his wife for Christmas. The whole experience was amazing! And the food was delicious! We had cheddar cheese for an appetizer and then salad. PWM had some kind of sampler dish for his entrée and I had surf and turf. PWM didn’t know how much I love lobster because I haven’t had it in all the years we’ve been married. We topped it off with a dark chocolate and white chocolate fondue. It was a great night!


I de-Christmas-ified the house. I got everything into boxes and got PWM and Wild Man to take them downstairs for me.

New glasses!! I didn’t realize how bad my vision was until I saw the eye doctor a few weeks ago. I love being able to read without straining or having to move my head to find the one perfect spot in my lenses where I can see things. I think getting my new lenses is going to be the high point of my week!!


I did a bunch of cleaning today. The living room is clean except for being vacuumed. I de-cluttered the baskets on the antique radio and the one on the end table in the living room. And I got some laundry started.

I’m still working diligently on Rosie Girl’s sweater. I have the duplicate stitching on the back about halfway done. Hopefully, just a few more days of work and it will be done.

Wild Man had an orthodontist appointment early this morning, so we were up and moving pretty early today. We discussed doing block scheduling for his schoolwork. He’s going to try doing several days’ worth of just one or two subjects of schoolwork each day so he doesn’t have so many transitions during the day. He seems to lose a lot of time during the transitions and doesn’t finish his work till evening, when he could be done by 4 or 5 at the latest, even if he sleeps late. It seemed to go well today. We’ll see about the rest of this week.

That’s what’s been going on around here. Anything exciting in your world?

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