Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ramblings – 9/9/10

It’s almost 11pm and I’m just sitting around.  Everyone else has gone to bed, but I’m not sleepy yet.  Probably in about 30 minutes, I’ll head upstairs.  I’m just blogging for the heck of it.

I woke up at 6am with a migraine, but it seemed to calm down by about 2pm.  I don’t like migraines (who does?), but waking up with one just seems to doom the whole day.  Surprisingly, though, our day went pretty well.

Rosie Girl and I took a walk to the coffee shop in the afternoon.  She was ready to tear out her hair because she couldn’t come up with a topic for her essay and I just wanted to get out of the house.  It was in the mid-60s and sunny – perfect weather for a walk.  I like just hanging out with my kids.  We talked about all kinds of non-school stuff.  Then, in the coffee shop, Rosie Girl suddenly decided on a topic for her essay.  (She ended up changing it later in the evening, but at least she wasn’t pulling out her hair anymore.  I really don’t want her to be bald!)

Wild Man wrote a paragraph today about George Washington from a keyword outline he had made from the original paragraph.  I was very firm today that he couldn’t make this paper a comedy – it had to be serious.  He did an excellent job.  He would dictate and then I would type.  I would let him read each sentence and tell me what changes he wanted to make.  The IEW writing program has a checklist of “dress-ups” that the student has to use in the paragraph.  Wild Man did an excellent job of incorporating adjectives, adverbs, etc.

Wild Man just came downstairs to ask if he could stay up a little late and finish his reader, Henry Reed, Inc.  I told him it was OK, so he’s over on the sofa reading.  It’s hard for me to be upset about his wanting to read when I used to worry if he would ever be able to read easily and comfortably.

Rosie Girl and I went to a baby shower for a friend last night.  Unfortunately, I got the invitation when I had a migraine, so I mislaid it.  PWM was asked while he was up at church if I was going to be at the shower.  He called me to ask if I got the invitation.  I had, but I didn’t know where it was.  Well, the shower was lots of fun.  Because I’m such a space cadet, I had completely forgotten about getting a gift and it was too late to do it yesterday afternoon.  Besides, I want to knit something.  I’ve finally decided, so I’ll order some yarn in the next few days.

Wild Man just finished his book.  He’s sad because the book is done and it was a good book.  Ah, well, that’s life.  I gave him a book called The Manga Guide To Electricity that I got from the library and it looks like that’s going to interest him.  Apparently, there’s a story line, but it also teaches some about electricity.  And it’s a manga comic book.  All at the same time!  We’ll see how much he decides to read.

I guess I’m done rambling.  Off to bed.  And I’m praying to wake-up without a migraine!

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