Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Week In Review – 9/25/2010

This week can be subtitled “The Mom-Has-A-Cold-And-It’s-Amazing-Anything-Got-Done Week”.  On Monday I had a migraine and the beginnings of the cold.  The rest of the week, I’ve just had various manifestations of the cold, until today’s migraine.

Thanks to the kids working on their own and PWM, a few things did get done this week.

Wild Man

Vision Therapy – We found out on Monday that Vision Therapy is recommended for Wild Man because he has very poorly developed saccadic eye movements (rapid eye movements important for reading).  The eye doctor said that his reading and motion sickness should improve with therapy, but he makes no promises about spelling and writing.  I hope that these poorly developed eye movements have caused some neural pathways to not form properly and that therapy will allow these pathways to develop properly, helping Wild Man learn to spell.  But, we’ll see.

(When PWM and I got back from learning the results at the eye doctor’s office, we told Wild Man.  Wild Man told us about the test that was really hard, but it sounds like he misunderstood the directions.  Sooooooo, he went back to the eye doctor on Wednesday and they redid that test with Wild Man following the directions properly.  He still scored in the 1st percentile, which wasn’t surprising because the optometrist exam also showed poor saccadic movements.)

History – Australia this week!  Unfortunately, I didn’t do much reading aloud to Wild Man this week.  However, he did finish his reader on Friday, even though he doesn’t have to finish till sometime next week.  The big thing about Australia, though, was that Wild Man made a map of Australia out of cookie dough.  It tasted yummy, but it looked more like Australia before it was baked!

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Writing – Wild Man finished his retelling of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf!”   I told him that it’s not supposed to be a comedy routine, but he managed to get a cute line in at the very end!

Spelling – We started back in Book 2 again.  Wild Man did pretty well with lessons 2 and 3.  We’ll be moving on next week.

Band – He practiced well this week then forgot to go to Band class yesterday!  This business of having class only on Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday is a little confusing!

Rosie Girl

History – She’s studying the early church and is now learning about some of the church councils.  She wrote a very nice paper about martyrs this week.  Her journal entry from Friday: “It’s a god!  It’s a man!  Wait, what the heck is Jesus, anyway?  A summary of the council of Chalcedon.”

Literature – She finished The Flames Of Rome.  Monday’s journal entry: “Nero was a sick, sick man.  That’s all I’m saying.”  (If you’ve ever listened to Jungle Jam, that was funny.)

Writing – Rosie Girl turned in her first draft of her comparison/contrast essay for Write At Home.  I like the comments that her coach has been giving her so far.

Art – Working with clay!  She’s making a ceramic box using clay slabs.  Sounds like fun!

Tap dance – She got a private lesson this week – none of the other kids were in class for some reason!

That was our week.  My mother-in-law and I leave for a women’s retreat on Thursday, so the kids and PWM are on their own for a few days.  I’m excited about three days up North!

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wdworkman said...

Hope you're feeling better for the retreat. My son & I are both down at least once a month with migraines, so I know how it can interfere with school. It sounds like your kids got quite a bit accomplished despite the sickness and eye doctor appts.

Janet W