Friday, September 24, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday



Ah, Friday!!  Now that we’re “doing school” again, we all look forward to Friday!

1. I have a cold.  As all of my Facebook friends are aware – and probably tired of hearing about!  I was the last in the family to get it, but it has hit hard.  Today is day 5, so I hope I’m on the down side of it.

2. My mother-in-law and her friend drove from the deep, deep South up here and arrived yesterday.  They actually drove into Michigan and then took the ferry across Lake Michigan, then visited Door County before getting here.  Wild Man is thrilled to have Grandma around again!

3. Fall has fallen around here!!  The leaves are changing, it’s in the 50s, and it’s windy.  A definite fall day.

4. Night before last, I had the front door open with the screen door window open.  The local neighborhood outdoor cat came by and started meowing at our cats.  And our cats when berserk.   Again.  This time, though, we closed the door and got Silver and Sassy separated.  Wild Man and I each sat with a cat and fed them canned food.  We were able to reintroduce them yesterday afternoon and all has been calm since then.  We will not be leaving the front door open anymore.

5. Wild Man needed a clean shirt for school the other day.  Instead of putting in a full load of laundry (and let me assure you, he had plenty of dirty clothes), he decided to wash 4 items.  4 items of clothing in one load.  Yikes.

6. PWM is making Zuppa Toscana for dinner tonight.  Yummy.

7. I’ve been knitting quite a bit this week, mostly because I’ve been feeling so icky.  One of these days, Wild Man and I will actually read his science book.  Maybe.

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