Sunday, September 05, 2010

Lagniappe – 9/5/2010


1. LSU won last night – barely.  And the other team was missing half it’s starters because of an NCAA investigation into academic misconduct!  Those Tigers need to get things together – quickly.

2. There is a lot of Lego Star Wars playing going on in this house.  Wild Man got the full Lego Star Wars game in the mail this week.  It includes all 6 episodes, not just the first three.

3. PWM read the latest Artemis Fowl book to us this last week.  I love family reading time!

004 015

4. Ice is one of the best non-medication treatments for my migraines.  It makes quite the fashion statement.  (Besides, I figured that if I posted a picture of PWM in Wild Man’s clown stuff, I’d better post some of me looking silly, too!)

010 012

5. Today at church, everyone got clapping on beats 1 & 3 instead of 2 & 4, which is when we usually clap and which sounds better.  I was telling Rosie Girl about it and saying that it made me . . . Rosie Girl supplied “twitchy?”  Exactly.  Clapping on the “wrong” beats makes me “twitchy”.

6. The weather was cool enough today for me to wear a light sweater to church, but not boots.  Unfortunately, the sanctuary was a little chilly and I wished I had worn my Uggs!

7. Lee Strobel is coming to Waupaca High School a week from Saturday and will preach the sermon in our church on Sunday.  Little rural Waupaca!!  Totally exciting stuff!  Please pray that many will be reached by his story.

8. It’s time to start working on Christmas presents.  I’ve gotten most of them figured out – except for my closest family members – PWM, Rosie Girl, and Wild Man!  Ideas?  (Remember, I’m a knitter.)

9. Wild Man stayed overnight at a friend’s house last night.  On the way home from church, I heard all about their gun battles.  He’s such a boy!

10. I got my yarn ball winder and swift (the wooden thing that holds the hanks of yarn while I’m winding) this week.  I wound a couple of balls on the first day and then Wild Man wound several more while PWM was reading one night.

001 003 005

Ten is a nice, round number, so I’ll stop here.  There’s always more excitement than one family needs around here.  I’m sure I’ll have more later. 

So, what’s up with you?  Comments make me happy!!


Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Hi Catherine!
Thanks for your comment on my blog...we are untouched but feel deeply for the people in Christchurch, especially with each subsequent tremor (another one at 4.20 am today). Please keep praying for them as they rebuild their lives!
Love in Christ,

Blossom said...

Oh wow, I've never seen uh, a ball winder and swift (?). Interesting.

Nice pics of the clowning and smiling is helpful in curing pain ;) or so they say...