Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Nothing important, just some random stuff . . .

  1. A conversation this morning – Mom: Rosie Girl, I overheard the dust bunnies on the stairs and they’re electing a leader and planning a takeover of the house.  (Rosie Girl is supposed to swiff the stairs every week).  Rosie Girl:  Mom, diplomacy is the answer.  Mom:  Rosie Girl, a Swiffer is the answer!
  2. Wild Man and I are watching Wild Pacific on DVD.  Watching a gecko lick it’s eyeballs is downright disconcerting.
  3. Wednesdays are now reading and DVD/DVR days for Wild Man.  We spend 2 hours at lunchtime at the Senior Nutrition Center and then Wild Man has a percussion lesson at 2:25.  So, we put off the Language Arts activities for other days when we have blocks of concentrated time.
  4. This afternoon, Wild Man and I watched some of Wild Pacific and then curled up on the sofa together to read about Indonesia, ships, and poetry.
  5. I had a pretty significant migraine Monday night and through last night.  I had Wild Man use Spelling City (an online resource that I pay for to get extra features) and Grammar 101 (a free online resource) and well as a Discovery Channel site on Krakatoa.  It worked pretty well and gave me a chance to rest.
  6. Rosie Girl has a cold this week, but still managed to do her tap class and piano lesson this week.
  7. Rosie Girl also had her second electric guitar lesson today and really impressed her teacher with what she has learned!
  8. Wild Man and I are about to watch last week’s Top Chef episode and the final episode.  We’re calling it educational because it takes place in Singapore – and we’re studying the South Pacific.  Yeah, it’s a reach!
  9. And I’m hoping to eat at Outback sometime this week since we’re moving on to study Australia next!

Hope you all have a great day!

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