Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Week In Review – Week 2


We’re settling in to our schoolwork routine, although this next week is when we add in piano, dance, youth groups, and martial arts.

Rosie Girl

On Monday, I had a migraine, so Rosie Girl did her Chemistry experiment (the first one of the year) all by herself (because I had a migraine).  And it went well.

Rosie Girl had her first practice ACT portion on Monday.  Unfortunately, she waited until bedtime to do it.  Despite that, she got a 27 for that section (Science reasoning).

Rosie Girl now volunteers at church with our Worship Arts Director on Wednesday afternoon.  This week, she scored some music into a computer program.  After her work was done, she had an electric guitar lesson with another church staff member.

I wanted to take a walk on Thursday afternoon and Rosie Girl agreed to go with me (after I bribed her with the offer of stopping at the coffee shop) since she was tearing her hair out trying to decide a topic for her Write At Home workshop.  While we were at the shop, she suddenly got inspired and had a topic.  Of course, she changed the topic later in the evening, but I’m still taking a little bit of credit for that!

This week, she has a piano lesson on Monday, dance on Tuesday, and youth group on Wednesday.  These are definitely going to impact her week!

The best thing about this week was that Rosie Girl finished all her work by a reasonable time every evening and did a journal entry for the day before bed.  On Friday, she was completely done for the week by 3:30pm.  I told her that either she’s getting more efficient with her work or that she needs more to do.  She assured me that the former is the case!

Wild Man

I told Wild Man that his paragraph for IEW this week had to be serious.  He was rather disappointed, but did a great job, nonetheless.  Because of his dyslexia, he dictates to me and then reads what I’ve typed to make modifications.  So far, it’s working quite well.

We’re still reviewing last year’s spelling.  Wild Man has been using Spelling City with some practice lists that I made for him on the days that I have a migraine.  I’ve been impressed, though, at how many words he is able to write in his journal without asking for help in spelling words.

Wild Man measured the volume of liquids and irregularly shaped solids for his science lesson.  In addition, he’s reading a manga book about electricity.  He actually started that book because he finished his reader a day early.

032 034

We’re still reading The Island of the Blue Dolphin as our read-aloud.  I found a really cool site related to the book that I’ll have Wild Man explore next week.  Otherwise, he’s been learning about the Pacific Islands.  I found a great set of library books (recommended on the Sonlight Forums) called the Enchantment of the World series.  We read part of the book on Papua New Guinea yesterday, and we’ll read about Singapore tomorrow or next week.

Wild Man’s final assignment of the week was to write about something he learned in History/Geography/Read-Aloud.  This time, I let him use comedy as much as he wanted, as long as he included good information.  So, his “paper” was a sailor on an 18th century ship teaching a new sailor how to use a cannon.  Funny and informative!

Next week is looking like it could get a little more busy.  Rosie Girl is going to start with her twice-monthly essays/reports.  Both kids will start youth group.  Wild Man will be starting to learn about Australia while Rosie Girl continues learning about the Early Church (pre-Constantine).

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