Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – 3/26/2010


We’ve had a good week around here.  Lots is happening, but it’s mostly positive.

1. My dad had a couple of skin lesions biopsied within the last few months and they both turned out to be melanoma-in-situ, which means that they are cancer but completely contained within the epidermis.  Complete excision of both lesions is considered a cure so all he needs now is to wear long sleeves and long pants (in South Florida!) and to have his skin checked regularly.  We are incredibly thankful that the lesions were caught before they spread!

2. I finished knitting my spring sweater this week so I am blocking it in my closet.  We’ve been trying to make sure the doors to our master bedroom and closet both stay closed so that none of the cats find the sweater and decide to take a nap on top of it!!  I’m hoping to find a skirt to match so I can wear it for Easter!

3. Wild Man and Mr. Math Tutor have gotten into radio-controlled airplane flying.  They have been playing with computer simulators all week and purchased an RC plane/glider last night.  Hopefully, we will have a nice calm day soon so they can actually try out the plane.  Yes, I will post pictures!

4. I got a hankering to move furniture like I do every spring.  Thankfully, my need was satisfied this year by just moving an end table so I didn’t make myself sore for a week or anything terrible like that!

5. I took Rosie Girl and a friend to the Appleton library tonight to get books for them to read on their Choir trip next week as well as to Sam’s club to buy snacks.  Since we were in town, we went ahead and ate out at the Chinese buffet – it was a fun evening for the three of us!

6. When backing out of the driveway earlier this week, I realized one of the nicest things about the snow melting – not having a six foot snow bank to have to maneuver around!

7. I had a terrible migraine yesterday, so I had to cancel my lunch with my friend, but she came over here for an hour to visit!  I missed the Senior Nutrition Center and my weekly lunch date because of migraines, so I was really glad that my friend was able to take some time out of her work day to spend with me.  And, I think it was good for her, too, because she’s been working like crazy getting everything ready for Easter Sunday services!

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Twisted Cinderella said...

I get the hankering to change things around quite often. It drives Prince Charming a little crazy because then he can't find things LOL