Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Musings

It's Tuesday of Spring Break. So far, my house is not any more clean than it was Monday morning, which is my overall goal for the week. Rosie Girl left today on a trip with the high school choir. Wild Man had a friend over this morning and has otherwise been goofing off for the last couple of days. Mr. Math Tutor is writing another book, backing up and redoing my computer, and getting ready for Easter Sunday service.

My Spring Break goals:

1. Give the bathroom a good, in-depth cleaning. The bathroom is mostly dusty from the toilet paper rolls, so I need to take everything off the toilet topper shelves and wipe them off.

2. Clean the downstairs windows.

3. Clean the wood around the windows in the sunroom and living room.

4. Get Wild Man and Mr. Math Tutor to straighten Wild Man's bedroom.

I think that's enough to do before Friday noon - which is when my mother-in-law comes to visit.

On a more long-term perspective, I want to get my dining room and kitchen painted (blue). After that is done, I'm going to take the baskets from above the cabinets and instead store my china and crystal up there. I've realized that my china is stored away where it's hard to get to so we never use it. It's also very pretty and I'd like to display it, even if it's up high in the kitchen.

The weather tomorrow through Friday is supposed to be nicer, so the headache might not be as bad, which improves the odds of some kind of cleaning getting done. That's my hope!!

(And, no cool signature because I'm blogging from my daughter's computer tonight.)

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