Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday


1. Mr. Math Tutor is published!!  I really should have posted about this earlier this week, but I’m going to claim migraine as my excuse.  Besides, I did post on Facebook where I think I have more readers than this blog right now!!  Anyway, here’s the link to the book on CurrClick.  It’s a book for ages 12-15 called My Favorite Number.  Our family all learned a lot as he was writing.

my favorite number

2. There is much about God I don’t understand.  A friend’s son is 10 years old and is on hospice care for cancer.  This is actually his second cancer diagnosis in 5 years – he has an unusual genetic disease that makes him prone to cancer.  As much as I trust that God is in his Heaven and He knows what He is up to, I just have trouble with the idea that this precious little boy was born with the gene that was going to take his life before adolescence.  I simply don’t get it.  But, I am blessed and encouraged by his parents’ example of grace through this ordeal.  Watching them trust God with their son’s life is an example to the rest of us in how to live.

3. I went four days last week without a migraine, but I only made it one day this week that was migraine-free (well, two if you count today, but the day’s not over yet ;-)).  The main problem with this is that Wild Man’s schooling this week was spotty, at best.  He did the work he could do on his own and then did Math and Bible with Mr. Math Tutor.  We also watched two Netflix shows, but I think they were somewhat over his head – one was on eugenics in the early 20th century, and the other was about Sacco and Vanzetti.

4. Rosie Girl went to a Writing Club meeting at the high school today.  She already shares some of her writing with friends, so this sounds like a great way to get more involved with other people who enjoy writing as much as she does.

5. On my one migraine-free day this week, Rosie Girl and I went shopping to get her some dress clothes for the school music department’s trip to Washington D.C.  We were quite successful and found the requisite black dress pants along with some dress shirts for under $50 total!  Yippee!

6. On that same shopping trip, I tried to get some jeans for my dear, darling hubby who had been wearing the same pair of jeans since they had gotten a rip in a most embarrassing location about a month or so ago.  At Wal-Mart, I found a pair of Wrangler’s, but I was looking for Levi’s because that was the brand he had before and I knew should fit.  But, no luck.  I went through just about every stack of jeans at Kohl’s and could not find his size.  It appears that men with a 29 inch inseam are a rare occurrence (or a freak of nature).  So, I’ll be ordering jeans online for him.

7. With the spate of warm weather this week Wild Man has been outside for long periods of time without my having to threaten, cajole, or beg.  Unfortunately, he also wants to put up the trampoline tomorrow.  Sadly, snow in the forecast prevents that happy event.  Nonetheless, the warmer weather is quite welcome.  I rarely mind having a smaller home, but being cooped up all winter does get tedious.

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