Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday


1. I have had the most incredibly awful headache for the last three days.  It seems to be letting up today, but it’s still not gone.


2. Rosie Girl takes her driving test on Monday!!  Please send lots of prayers for her to be relaxed – she drives quite well and will certainly pass!


3. Wild Man spent yesterday and today at a waterpark in Wisconsin Dells with five other middle school boys and our Minister to Students.  He came back tired, but with lots of great stories.  He also came back with writing on his arms.  I asked if they went to a tattoo parlor or something, but he said that they were just writing on each other with Sharpy on the way home.  SHARPY!!!  He’s going to have black marks on his arms for months – crazy child.


4. Does anyone else up north think it’s been a hotter than usual summer?  I don’t recall having so many days of temps in the upper 80s and 90s.  These low pressure systems are killing my head – and I’m not as fond of the heat as when I was growing up.  Fall weather, we’re ready for you!!


5. The big Sonlight box came today.  The kids were going to clean their desks this week, but they managed to avoid the task by working up at The Knitting Nest.  Hmmmmm.  Next week, I need to have some clean desks so I can start putting away the books, etc.  I wonder if they will work as hard on their desks as they do at the shop if I bribe reward them with a latte from the coffee shop when they’re done?  I need some leverage, although I supposed I could always take away ipods, computers, and TV time.  Eh, offering a latte is easier on everyone.


6. I always love the Sonlight books, especially the read-alouds, but I don’t usually read the readers.  This year, though, Rosie Girl is in Core 300 (20th Century History), so she’s got One Day in the Live of Ivan Denisovich, The Old Man and the Sea, and a couple of others that I haven’t read but really want to.  I think I’m also going to make a few of her literature books read alouds since we’ve already read the Core 6/7 books once or twice.  I’m all about flexibility this year, though, so we’ll see how things go!


7. Silver and Sassy are enjoying lying on the wadded up paper from our Sonlight box.  Ah, to be happy with just some paper!


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